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About us


Innovations in technology offer an opportunity for public money to exist in an entirely new habitat. As Central Banks seek to test, iterate and future-proof the global financial system, SODA is here to help them gain adoption through real-life, user-focused use cases.

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Real Life use cases

Web3 testing for central banks

SODA assists central banks that are testing how new technology can interoperate with existing central bank systems, with the goal of launching innovative digital financial instruments with real end users using DLT.


DeFi Yield For Public Digital Money

SODA works with stakeholders across the DeFi and TradFi ecosystems to facilitate the conversion of public digital money (CBDC, stablecoins, commercial digital money etc) into a form of usable capital to be invested in DeFi yield products.

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Remittance Corridor Testing

SODA leverages existing web3 native ecosystems so that central banks and citizens can utilize existing remittance corridors safely and securely, reducing the cost and dependence on fiat rails.

The Interoperability

Regulated digital assets now represent a small fraction of the financial industry. Central Banks and traditional financial players are looking for a solution that is highly scalable, seamlessly interoperable, easily accessible and effortlessly inclusive to end-users.

Lack of interoperability between protocols stands in the way of unlocking the full promise of digital money.

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SODA is bringing together the blockchain community to engender a standardised approach to digital assets.

Thought Leadership

The world of CBDCs, Blockchain, DeFi and Web3 can be hard to navigate. SODA’s thought leadership offers a bridge between the traditional world of central banks and the latest technologies and innovative use cases from the web3 ecosystem.

Finance and Technology

SODA’s use cases offer a clear ‘before and after’ experience. By using the most pioneering use cases the promise of digital money can become a reality,

International Organisations

Many International Organisations see the opportunities offered by decentralized and distributed technology as a game changer. SODA’s use cases provide a clear ‘show and tell’.

Blockchain Foundations

SODA is technology agnostic. Many use cases exist across different protocols. By convening the Interoperability Group SODA is creating a better web3 digital habitat.