Thought Leadership

The world of CBDCs, Blockchain, DeFi and Web3 can be hard to navigate. SODA’s thought leadership offers a bridge between the traditional world of central banks and the latest technologies and innovative use cases from the web3 industry.

Finance and Technology

SODA’s use cases offer a clear ‘before and after’ experience. Through the deployment of some of the most pioneering use cases the promise of digital money can become a reality,

International Organisations

Many International Organisations see the opportunities offered by blockchain technology as a game changer. SODA’s use cases provide a clear ‘show and tell’.

Blockchain Ecosystems

SODA is blockchain agnostic. Use cases benefit from existing across different protocols. By convening the Interoperability Group SODA is enabling a better web3 digital habitat.


Check out these videos and articles to learn more about retail and wholesale CBDC, the technology behind them, the role they can play in financial inclusion, interoperability, and much more.

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